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Formacity We offer personalized course on demand.

Express your wishes, we will dedicate out best to fit delivery types your learning experience.

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Head office

17 Pas du Ponceau
75002 Paris

The founder

FORMACITY, School was founded by Mr Nguyen Laurent since 2008 aiming a specific for a specific purpose

About providing for those who want to assert their professionalism, with our programs adapted to the tertiary training.

His IT & Management career is the essence of leading the Training centre.

As Programmer-Analyst within CNED institute, he has been able to see the issue was the large needs on number of competences for small and middle sizes companies.

In particular the needs in IT and lead-management. The satisfactions among participants were so efficient, that there were also a series of requests for restaurant job-training cases and cross-functionnal training programmes.

Nowadays, our training center is trusted by more than 800 companies.

Our expertise

2022 a new era of professionnal training, year of transition and transformation.

Driven by French regulation professionnal futur, the dynamics of apprenticeship and certification programmes give a new path to professionnal training landscape. This is ultimately more than ever to request a tender guarantee of quality, skills strengthening, appreciation and creditential recognition.

With certified and graduate partners, professional qualification branches, E-marketing certification ... FORMACITY fully take part sets in on an accompaniment, skills development, and certifications within a greater degree along this new year.

Generic0 skills, flexibility, adaptibility, proximity, renown profesionalism and smile are central to our offer. Based on experience, his partner and above all, its highly-skilled teams, FORMACITY is ready to take on the challenge new and training reforming liability, as already established lastly. We must show our capacity to respond notably a training policy tailored to their expectations and consistent with your needs.

Regards your colleagues and yourself deserves continiusly training, to improve , to move forward professionnally, pick up this new challenge awaiting us, for training and offering services always better !

Our onsultants and experts are subject to a competitive recruitment process based on their experience and their training curriculum.

Our establishment

We provide customized training sessions in order to take into pinpointed to all issues and company-specific workflows.

Our online training calendar was customized to respondy all your needs, from Business creation to business management, through marketing and Tax considerations.

Our trainers will adapt to your schedule and necessities, means including better monitoring training schedule.

Our onsultants and experts are subject to a competitive recruitment process based on their experience and their training curriculum.

L’accompagnement personnalisé des projets pédagogiques et professionnels des stagiaires contribuera à leur réussite. La clé du succès du centre de formation réside dans la création de petites structures de 2 à 12 stagiaires par session en inter-entreprise, afin de fournir une formation de qualité et un accompagnement personnalisé aux stagiaires.

Formations are about Les formations concernent various spheres of activity as marketing, business, customer relationship, accounting, and management.

But also standing a customized services in order to obtain graduation or knowledge certificate.
All ours programmes could be the subject of financing application.

We do our best to accommodate your needs. If necessary, we can provide you the adaptation of pedagogical accommodation statement.
However, with our etablishment, we cannot provide access for heavy handicap.